When you look at your parents, grandparents, or even great parents, do you see multiple generations of prosperity?  

Were there conversations about building wealth when you grew up? 

Were you taught how to invest and multiply your money? 

Were you given the TOOLS to create income even if you lost it all?

If not, you're like most of us and you'll want to keep reading...  

My name is Shanel Cooper-Sykes, and I'm the creator of "Miracle Week", where I've gathered hundreds of thousands of people to do the actual work to manifest their biggest goals.  

And I don't mean "work" like say your affirmations, pray, and poof a million dollars. That's not real work, that's talk.  

I mean the actual, consistent, disciplined work it takes to manifest things like multigenerational wealth, love-centered marriages, strong fit bodies, and healthy family dynamics.  


  • working out DAILY to raise your energy and vibration to handle large sums of money
  • shocking your system with COLD WATER SHOWERS to get your adrenaline rushing and mind SHARPENED with clarity
  • creating "PRODUCTION PLANS" and "VEHICLES" for how you're going to receive (and keep) your wealth
  • stepping OUTSIDE YOUR COMFORT ZONE to talk to people relevant to your business
  • learning how to MULTIPLY your money and grow your business to new heights
  • getting your family on the SAME PAGE to execute your new wealth plan
  • and praying with POWER for real work ethic, and following it up with REAL ACTION  

The 5-day challenge is about creating energy, and the amount of energy you put into the challenge, will determine the "paycheck" you receive at the end. It's about creating new daily habits, calling in your new life, and communicating with God on a higher level -- and doing all of this consistently.

I've done Miracle Weeks since 2013, and recently I just wrapped Miracle Week 5 aka Prayer Power 2: Prosperity Principles. And wow, to see what happens when you do the work consistently is just miraculous... $23,000 pay raises... brand new cars... new business opportunities... marriage proposals... what I've screenshotted below is just a glimpse of the miracles that are happening...

Over 50,000 people have viewed this course - which is a miracle in itself - and the response has been a non-stop flow of miracles proving that when two or more gather, God is in the middle of them. 

There's something powerful happening... and I can only imagine the miracles that will happen for those who keep listening to the recordings, over and over again to really utilize the TOOLS they learned from this course.


Know this... everything that God created has a SEED, and within a seed is the possibility of MASSIVE MULTIPLICATION. We start this challenge by looking at the financial seeds you've been sowing through your THOUGHTS about money, the WORDS you use when speaking about your money, what you actually SPEND your money on, and how you even EARN your money. And if these seeds are not a reflection of the prosperity you've committed to during this challenge -- then we'll work together to reset your financial habits, and get into what we call "DIVINE FLOW". 

And at first, it's not going to be easy... You're going to WORKOUT. You're going to EAT RIGHT. You're going to PRAY WITH POWER. You're going to GIVE MONEY AWAY (hint: don't panick, everyone reads this and goes "huh, Shanel???!!!" but you reap what you sow -- giving money away only calls more money to you). And you're going to open your financial "receiving channels" by saying yes to new opportunities. No matter what's going on in your life, you'll learn how to operate from a place of peace, know your self worth, and finally begin to thrive in your finances.

And it gets better... this is only day one... 


The word "posture" is defined as a "particular way of dealing with something, an approach or an attitude" and/or "the position in which something is held". The question is... how do you hold the idea of wealth and prosperity in your life? We tend to focus on the physical aka what's already been created. But there's a difference between creation and creating. Creation has already come. Creating is what's to come. You have to understand that there is MORE than you can physically see. And you have to allow yourself to SEE that possibility. It requires spiritual work to see another perspective, to see without limitation, to see only what you're CREATING. And THAT is what you are going to learn how to do.

You'll start with a powerful exercise that teaches you to see possibility, and learn how to get "unstuck" anytime you come up against a business or money obstacle. You will pray with power, not from a space of weakness or whining. You will learn how to show up as the creator you were designed to be in God's image. 

And this is only day two... we have more work to do...  


It's time to count your money... no literally. I'm going to give you a life changing exercise that will create so much gratitude and appreciation that you'll be hard pressed to ever complain about money again. People who are prosperous are grateful, because gratitude is a magnifier and multiplier. And after you do this exercise, we're going to dive even deeper into how to create more money in your life. It starts with VALUING YOUR TIME and asking yourself what can be produced in the time and space that you ALREADY HAVE. This means, the time you spend watching TV, or taking on household responsibilities that you can easily outsource -- we are taking back your time and re-organizing it to help you produce more money and prosperity for yourself and your family. 

You'll also learn another powerful lesson about what happens when you are a constant giver. Because when you constantly give, there's no need to worry. Everytime you give, you are planting a seed in your garden of life. And if you are constantly planting seeds and doing the work to prune them, then you'll never have to be concerned about money. As the old saying goes, you only get to keep that which you give away.

Onto day four...


How safe have you been living? How much space have you allowed for God to work in your life?What have you done lately to really step outside of your comfort zone. Because inside your comfort zone, you don't need God. You only need God when you're being called to STRETCH, when you're being called to go beyond what you're physically capable of. You have to push yourself. You have to shatter the glass. You have to create pressure and do the work with force on a repeitious basis. And the more you do the work, the more you work out, the more you pray, the more you practice your new habits from this challenge, you'll call in higher level opportunities to create more prosperity.

This is going to be uncomfortable, and frankly, may feel a bit scary. When you break out of your comfort zone and enter new territory, it's like a child learning to walk for the first time. You're going to wobble. But the SHORT-TERM discomfort, is for LONG-TERM pleasure. Where you show up and give your whole heart, there is REWARD.

And that brings us to day five...


Take all of the tools and lessons you've learned, and challenge yourself to do the work for AT LEAST one extra week (really you should make this a lifestyle). Repetition is the bedrock of success. The more you do this work, the stronger your spiritual and physical muscles become, and the quicker you will be able to manifest. This is just common sense, it's not woo woo fluff. The more you do something, the stronger your habits become.

So you're going to keep working out... you're going to keep doing your shock showers... you're going to keep up with your daily prayers... you're going to keep working on your finances... you're going to keep breaking through new comfort zones... and you're going to step BOLDLY into the person God is calling you to be. Because now, you have everything you need to keep going and to attract the perfect opportunities. It's time to call the greatest prosperity you've ever experienced into your life.

SPECIAL BONUS: get a full workout video series and daily schedule to get your body re-energized and revved up to call in the wealth you deserve.  

This Prayer Power 2 course is raw, real, radical, and honest... so if you're not ready for REAL change in your finances, it may not be for you....

It's not about getting rich quick... 

It's not about getting money without work...

It's not about praying to God and taking no action...

This Prayer Power 2 course is about CHANGING YOUR LIFE FROM THE INSIDE OUT… and I believe that it has a mission beyond me to spread to as many people as possible, so that YOU can take the work habits, financial knowledge, and energy techniques to create prosperity for YOURSELF AND OTHERS.


I’ve made a decision that I’m going to sow into you with this course, because I’m believing in big things for you. I believe that you can use these recordings to keep your finances elevated, to manifest the money you want, to get the breakthroughs in your businesses, and overall live your most amazing extraordinary life.  

It’s all possible through doing The Work - effectively and consistently. And with the right tools, teachings, and community - you have that power.  

When I say that I’m going to sow into you, what that means is that I’m going to invest this knowledge, these techniques, and this information in you - so that you can use it to change your life.  

I usually charge $697 for a 5 day course with 14 videos and audios. But today, I’m going to make this available to you for whatever it is you feel led to pay. Yes you read that correctly, I’m doing a "Pay What You Can" Miracle Offer on this 5 Day Course, so there’s no excuse as to why you can’t get it today.  

I believe that something miraculous is supposed to happen with this course, that it’s supposed to help you make some enormous shifts in your life, and spread to people all over the world.

  And I’m trusting that you’ll honor the heart, time, and value I’ve put into the 14 videos and audios that come with this program. Again this course is supposed to be $697, so I’m going to trust that you will pay what you really can, whatever it is that God puts on your heart. And if you can pay more, pay it forward for the other people who might not be able to pay the full price to keep the blessing flowing.

  I can only make this Pay What You Can Miracle Offer available for the next 24 hours, and the clock is ticking. The CFO of SCS Global, Arielle Loren, will be handling this sale, so please read all of the instructions below to make sure we receive your payment and can deliver the the course. 

Act fast, receive this blessing, and claim your miracles.


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Enjoy the recordings and may they immediately create a shift in your life. -- SHANEL

Legal Disclaimer: Shanel Cooper-Sykes is not a financial advisor and takes no responsibility for the financial decisions of viewers after receiving this information. This is for inspiration and motivational purposes only.