When you pray for money, how fast are your results?

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Created in 2013 by #1 life coach Shanel, "Miracle Week" gathers hundreds of thousands of people to pray and work in the SPIRITUAL to manifest breakthroughs in the PHYSICAL. The most recent "Miracle Week 4" aka Prayer Power helped people transform their relationship with prayer... but not prayer in a surface, fluffy, religious way, but in a way where you open up the communication channels between you and God. When you know the right STRATEGY and METHOD to praying, you will see FASTER RESULTS. And that's where Miracle Week 5 aka Prayer Power 2 is going to help you pair your prayer power with calling more prosperity and money into your and your family's life. (Note: You don't need to have participated in the past Miracle Weeks to signup for this one!) 

Map out a new vision and plan for your finances by doing the work with Shanel Cooper-Sykes and 100,000 prayer warriors to create your miracle in just 5 days. 

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